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Anderson Cooper Books In Order

Anderson Cooper Books In Order – Anderson Cooper is a producer and a famous writer. He wrote Chappie (2015), Batman vs Superman, Dawn of Justice (2016), and 360° (2003). To date, the author wrote a total of 6 novels, whereas the last one in the Anderson Cooper Books in Order is “The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty”, which is his upcoming novel.

Anderson Cooper Biography & Writing Career

Anderson Cooper was born on June 3, 1967, in Manhattan and studied Vietnamese at the University of Hanoi in the 1990s. Further, Anderson graduated from Yale in 1989 with a BA in political science.

Anderson is also a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in many outlets, including Details Magazine. In 2005, he signed a US $1 million contract to write a memoir for Harper Collins detailing his life events.

He was a perfect human and journalist in Sri Lanka, Africa, and other places over the past years. Its title was Dispatches from the Edge and came out on May 23, 2006. However, the book topped the New York Times bestseller list on June 18, 2006.

In his life story, the author says that when he was a kid, his mother showed him the statue of his forefather that was Cornelius Vanderbilt, situated at Grand Central Depot.

Even after several years, he was of the belief that when one’s older relatives die, they turn into statues. Cornelius Vanderbilt made his vast fortune in the business of railroad & shipping, and hence, his statue stands at Grand Central.

Anderson Cooper Books in Order

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty2021Buy Now
The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son On Life, Love, and Loss2016Buy Now
Dispatches from the Edge: A Memoir of War, Disasters, and Survival2009Buy Now
Never Silent: ACT UP and My Life in Activism2021Buy Now
Sean Scherer’s Kabinett & Kammer: Creating Authentic Interiors2020Buy Now
The World of Gloria Vanderbilt2010Buy Now
Rising from Katrina: How My Mississippi Hometown Lost It All and Found What Mattered2010Buy Now
Coming Back: New Orleans Resurgent2010Buy Now
Attacks on the Press in 2006: A Worldwide Survey by the Committee to Protect Journalists2007Buy Now

The Rainbow Comes and Goes – A Mother and Son on Love, Life, and Loss.

This one is a touching and intimate correspondence between the writer and his mother. It was Gloria Vanderbilt who offered timeless wisdom and a revealing glimpse into their lives.

The author was always close to his mother but was hardly getting time to spend with her mom due to his intensely busy journalist career. She suffers a brief but serious illness at ninety-one.

So, they thought to start their relationship by beginning a year-long conversation. The result is a surprising honesty and depth in which they discuss their lives. It conveys the things that matter to them and what they still want to learn about each other.

The Rainbow Comes and Goes offers rare visibility into their shut relationship and interesting life stories. This is together with their tragedies and triumphs. In these typically screaming and moving exchanges, they share their most personal thoughts. Hence, the hard-earned truths they’ve learned on the approach. 

Anderson’s print media outlook on the globe may be a sharp distinction from his mother’s idealism and unwavering optimism that is an appealing memoir with the sacred recommendation.

The Rainbow Comes and Goes is a stunning and warm celebration of the universal bond between a parent and a toddler. And a thoughtful reflection on life, reminding us of insight that continues to be shared, despite our age.

Vanderbilt – The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty

The eleven-year-old worked on his father’s boat ferry in the big apple Harbour at the start of the nineteenth century. Nobody thought that in the future, he would build 2 empires; one in shipping and another in railroads. That would build him the richest man in America. 

His heirs fought his staggering fortune over when his death in 1877, sowing familial discord that may never totally heal. The future generations competed to search out new and ever additional extraordinary ways in which of paying for it. 

Further, someone had built the seventy-room summer estate in Newport, Rhode Island, that Cornelius’s grandchild. The family would be unidentifiable to the mogul who started it all.

Now, the Commodore’s next fourth-generation survivor Anderson Cooper joins historiographer Katherine Howe. He wants to explore the story of his legendary family and their oversize influence.

They brought a fine image of the ancestors and designed the family’s empire That hosted lavish galas and has become synonymous with unchained Yankee laissez-faire economy and Bon Ton. 

The story contains moving from the hardscrabble wharves of previous Manhattan to the lavish drawing rooms of the Gilded Age. And then from the ornate summer palaces of Newport to the courts of Europe. And everyone thanks modern NY, Cooper, and Howe wryly recounts the triumphs and tragedies which is an American Dynasty not like the other. 

Written with a singular insider’s viewpoint, this Anderson Cooper Books in order is often a frolicky, quintessentially American history. It is exceptional because of the family it therefore vividly captures. 

Dispatches from the Edge – A Memoir of War, Disasters, and Survival.

From one of America’s leading reporters comes a deeply personal, terribly powerful. It is considered the foremost volatile crisis he has witnessed around the world. Besides, from the metropolis to the national capital and on the far side, dispatches from the sting of the globe could be a book that provides us with a rare up-close glimpse. But once the conventional order of things suddenly turns the wrong way up, it comes to the limelight. It may be a natural disaster, warfare, or a heated political battle. 

Over the last year, a few individuals have witnessed a lot of scenes of chaos and conflict in Anderson Cooper. His groundbreaking coverage on CNN has become the point of reference for ordinal century journalism. In Anderson Cooper’s Books in Order, the author mentioned all his experiences.

This book explores in a {very} very personal means the foremost necessary. Moreover, the most dangerous – crises of that time, and also the stunning impact they had on his life from the devastating wave in South Asia to the suffering Niger. Thereafter, ultimately cyclone Katrina in the metropolis. 

Cooper shares his own experiences of traversing the world that covered the world’s most astonishing stories. As a TV journalist, he has the gift of speaking, too with an emotional characteristic that cuts through the barriers of the medium. 

In his initial Anderson Cooper Books in Order, that keenness communicates itself through an expensive cloth of memoir and reporting, reflection, and first-person narrative; this can be the story of a rare year in a very reporter’s life.

Top Faq on Anderson Cooper

  1. Which is the latest book by Anderson Cooper?

    Anderson Cooper’s latest book is called “Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty” which was launched in 2021.

  2. What is the birth date of Anderson Cooper?

    Anderson Cooper was born on 3 June 1967.

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