Jennifer A. Nielsen Books In Order | The Ascendance Trilogy Books

Jennifer A. Nielsen Books In Order | The Ascendance Trilogy Books 2

Jennifer A. Nielsen Books In Order – Jennifer Anne Nielsen is primarily known for adult young fiction and wrote many books. She wrote the books especially for children, who enjoy the fictional adventurous genre.

Here is the list of Jennifer A. Nielsen books in order written by a famous American author. Also know about Jennifer’s biography, career, childhood, awards & famous books in the series.  These books are a joy ride for readers.

Jennifer is born on July 10, 1971, and brought up in Northern Utah, USA. She started writing in elementary school and after that, she wrote many world-famous books for children. Jennifer likes to read the novels of J.K. Rowling and her favorite movie is Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Jennifer A. Nielsen Career

Jennifer started writing full-length stories in her 6th grade and her first story was about a girl who assumes daydreams as the real world.

Jennifer A. Nielsen completed her first book in her 20’s, and after her fourth book, Jennifer decided to change her writing style from adult romantic suspense to young adult and children’s fantasy. Now, most of her historical fiction books are preferred by children.

Jennifer A. Nielsen Achievements

Jennifer A. Nielsen Books In Order of Publication

Let’s have a look at the top series and novel by Jennifer Anne Nielsen in their publication order –

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Book TitlePublication YearBuy on Amazon
A Night Divided(2015)Buy Now
The Scourge(2016)Buy Now
Resistance(2018)Buy Now
Words on Fire(2019)Buy Now
Rescue(2021)Buy Now

Rescue (2021)

A World War II story of spying and conspiracy, as Meg Kenyon, a girl tries to save her father and aid the French resistance. When the girl learns her father may be imprisoned, Meg goes on her dangerous mission. Nielsen builds the risky journey of Meg with so much suspense.

Words on fire (2019)

It is a story of a 12-year-old girl Audra who fought for her parents and farm against Russian Cossack Soldiers in Lithuania and discovers the strength of her people united in resisting oppression.

In this journey, she faces unimaginable risks and it is worth reading to know about how she will become a carrier in preserving Lithuania’s history, art and culture.

Resistance (2018)

It is a story of a teenager namely Chaya Lindner living in Nazi-occupied Poland. Simply because of Jewish, her life is threatened. After all her family members are taken away by Nazis, Chaya decides to help the people from Nazis and joins a resistance group.

It is interesting to read how she accepts many challenges and saves the lives of people from Nazis. 

Publication Order of The Ascendance Trilogy Books

Book TitlePublication YearCheck on Amazon
The False Prince(2012)Buy Now
The Runaway King(2013)Buy Now
The Shadow Throne(2014)Buy Now
The Captive Kingdom(2020)Buy Now
The Shattered Castle(2021)Buy Now

It is a series of 5 books and it is one of the popular series in Jennifer A. Nielsen books in order. The 5 books and their storylines are as below:

The False Prince (2012)

In a discontent kingdom, to unify the divided people, Conner, a nobleman of the court, plots a cunning plan to install a puppet prince in place of the long-lost Prince of Carthya. Among four orphans, Sage is selected as puppet king to impersonate Prince Jaron.                                    

In a flashback, readers know that Sage himself is Prince Jaron. Jaron also reveals the conspiracy of Connor towards Jaron’s family. Later, Jaron assumes the throne and arrests Connor.

The Runaway King (2013)

Just weeks after Jaron has taken the throne, King Jaron is attacked by Roden, who is one of the four orphans and lost the throne to Jaron. Roden also informs about the plan of Avenian pirates to kill Prince Jaron.   

As the signals of war are mounting within Carthya, the only option left with the Jaron is to desert the kingdom.                                                     

After so many struggles Jaron demands that all the pirates swear loyalty to him and to Carthya, which they all do, albeit with great reluctance. Jaron and Amarinda started to build their relationship by leaving their past love with Imogen of Libeth and Jaron’s late brother respectively.

The Shadow Throne (2014)

The book starts with Jaron and Amarinda thinking about marriage for the sake of the kingdom and Avenia and Mendenwal waging war against Carthya. Jaron receives the news about Imogen has taken by Avenians as a prisoner. After all the wars Jaron saves Imogen and marries her. Amarinda is married to Tobias, a friend of Joran.

The Captive Kingdom (2020)

In this book, Jaron came to know about his older brother Darius when Captain Jane Strick hijacks the ship of Jaron. Here Jaron also finds the relation between his friend and enemy. Jaron does not know whom to trust. 

To know how Jaron saves his kingdom and his brother from Captain Strick, we must read this book.

The Shattered Castle

It is yet to be published in October 2021.

Acclaimed author Jennifer A. Nielsen brings her signature twists and high-stakes action to the fifth installment of the New York Times bestselling Ascendance Series!

King Jaron has outwitted the Prozarians and returned to his own kingdom with one secret in his pocket that not even his friends know about. He’s hoping that secret will help him finally bring stability to Carthya.

But a surprise attack on his own land — on the castle itself — reminds Jaron that nothing is easy. The Prozarian Monarch threatens to crumble Jaron’s entire kingdom. And that’s not the only thing in danger: With old enemies and new rumors circling around him, even Jaron’s relationship with Imogen is uncertain.

This former False Prince will need his best tricks and many allies at his side to hold Carthya together.

Publication Order of Mark of the Thief Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy on Amazon
Mark of the Thief(2015)Buy Now
Rise of the Wolf(2016)Buy Now
Wrath of the Storm(2017)Buy Now

It is a series of 3 books and they are Mark of the Thief (2015), Rise of the Wolf (2016), Wrath of the Storm (2017).

It is a tale of one slave boy namely Nic, who works in mines. When Nic forced to enter a sealed cavern full of lost treasures of Julius Caesar, he finds a bulla. Bulla is an amulet filled with magic and by using those powers Nic wants to become free.

In this process, by crossing so many conspiracies he has to save Rome from traitors and get freedom for him. It is a mash-up of history, fantasy, adventure and explores the themes of class struggles, family ties and the immorality of slavery.

Publication Order of The Traitor’s Game Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy on Amazon
The Traitor’s Game(2018)Buy Now
The Deceiver’s Heart(2019)Buy Now
The Warrior’s Curse(2020)Buy Now

The last book of Jennifer A. Nielsen books in order list is The Traitor’s Game. It is a series of 3 books namely The traitor’s game (2018), The Deceiver’s heart (2019), The Warrior’s Curse (2020).

It is a story about the home journey of Kestra Dellisor, who is summoned back to her home by her power-hungry father after 3 years in exile. Even though she is craving for her father’s affection, she always questions the tactics of her father as he serves as a cruel ruler Lord Endrick of Antora. 

In this complicated journey, she is attacked by some rebels, who are intended to defeat Lord Endrick. This plot becomes much interesting as she plays traitors game to win.

Publication Order of Underworld Chronicles Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy on Amazon
Elliot and the Goblin War(2010)Buy Now
Elliot and the Pixie Plot(2011)Buy Now
Elliot and the Last Underworld War(2012)Buy Now

Publication Order of Horizon Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy on Amazon
Horizon( By: Scott Westerfeld)(2017)Buy Now
Deadzone(2017)Buy Now

Publication Order of Infinity Ring Books

Infinity Ring Books Collection
Book TitlePublication YearBuy on Amazon
A Mutiny in Time (By: James Dashner)(2012)Buy Now
Divide and Conquer (By: Carrie Ryan)(2012)Buy Now
Divide and Conquer (By: Carrie Ryan)(2012)Buy Now
The Trap Door(2013)Buy Now
Curse of the Ancients (By: Matt de la Pena)(2013)Buy Now
Cave of Wonders (By: Matthew J. Kirby)(2013)Buy Now
Behind Enemy Lines( By: Jennifer A. Nielsen)(2013)Buy Now
The Iron Empire (By: James Dashner)(2014)Buy Now
Eternity (By: Matt de la Pena)(2014)Buy Now

FAQ based on Jennifer A. Nielsen

  1. Who is Jennifer Anne Nielsen?

    Jennifer Anne Nielsen

    Jennifer Anne Nielsen is an American author known primarily for young adult fiction. Her works include the Ascendance Trilogy, Behind Enemy Lines, The Mark of the Thief, A Night Divided, and the Underworld Chronicles.

  2. In which genre Jennifer has written her most books?

    She is a Young adult fiction writer. But she has touched many other genre also.

  3. New/Upcoming Books of Jennifer A. Nielsen

    The Shattered Castle (The Ascendance Series, Book 5) (Ascendance Trilogy) is scheduled to be released on 19 October 2021. “Rescue” is another standalone novel by Jennifer which was released in March 2021.

Quick facts about Jennifer A. Nielsen

  • Birthday: July 10, 1971
  • Hobbies when she’s not writing: Watching movies, going on walks, reading, hanging out with the family.
  • However, right now she’s probably: Doing laundry. (Unless my editor is reading this, in which case I swear I am writing!)
  • Favorite movie(s): Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  • Favorite author: JK Rowling
  • Favorite food: Pho
  • Current drink addiction: Coke Zero or Diet Mountain Dew. Hard to choose.

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